Secure Drawer

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This tax season we are evaluating a secure, web-based, client portal to allow us to share confidential, tax and financial information called SECUREDRAWER. We have been looking for a portal that is easy to use for our clients but also integrates with our tax program and document management systems.

SECUREDRAWER is where we can share documents with each other, in a folder structure created just for you. SECUREDRAWER is safe and secure and enables us to send or receive all different types of files (excel, word, pdf) without having to password protect them. The exchanging of information and files through SECUREDRAWER will replace emailing files as attachments. We are providing this service to our clients free of charge.

Please be advised that SECUREDRAWER is not a document storage system. We will retain your tax returns in the portal for no more than three years but it is ultimately your responsibility to download and save your tax return and other documents to your own hard drive to keep as long as you would like.

We encourage our clients that have access to the internet and a working email account to utilize SECUREDRAWER this tax season. With identity theft on the rise, we do not recommend emailing personal financial information that contains confidential, personal data such as social security numbers and account numbers.

If you want to setup a SECUREDRAWER account please read and sign the enclosed Client Portal Agreement and bring it with you on your tax appointment or send us the completed Agreement by mail or email.

Once we receive the Agreement, we will setup your guest user account and you will receive an email from SECUREDRAWER asking you to establish your login and password.

Uploading information is as easy as clicking and dragging a document from your computer into your SECUREDRAWER folder. You can download information by right-clicking a document already in your drawer, and choosing "Download.”

Please be sure to let us know if you have any problems using SECUREDRAWER so we can help. Also, please let us know if you like it and find it helpful and easy to use. We need your feed back to evaluate how we will move forward with this process.

As always, we appreciate your continued confidence in our services and are continually improving our processes and procedures to keep up with the changing technology available to our industry